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There are two ways to report your household's involvement in the Low Carbon Diet program.  Note that you should only report new Action Items completed after starting the Low Carbon Diet.  This will make reducing pounds of CO2 more challenging for those who are already green.

  1. Detailed Reporting: Using the table on pages 52-54 of Low Carbon Diet, or the online reporting form (see below), tell us which Actions you’ve completed and the number of pounds of CO2 prevented annually.  The Detailed Excel Reporting form is available by clicking here.  After completing the form, save the document and email your results to
  1. Simple Reporting: Email us the following basic details for the simple reporting method:
i) Household Name (Optional)
ii) Number of Household Members Participating

iii) Zip Code (Physical Address)

iv) Email Address

v) Total Number of Action Items Completed

vi) Total Annual Pounds of CO2 Reduced

vii) Any Additional Feedback / Comments

Regardless of which reporting style you choose, email your results to the Low Carbon Diet Coordinator at  We'll track this information and report how the community is doing!  Note that we won't share any of your personal individual information as part of our reporting.  Click on the image below to access the Reporting Form.

What is my current carbon footprint?

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