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Profiles of Participating Households

Below are the aggregated results of households who have reported their Low Carbon Diet results.  We will also post profiles on specific households in the Park City area that have shed some major pounds as part of the Low Carbon Diet.  Email to report your results and have the details added here!


# of Households Reporting Low Carbon Action Items Completed Pounds CO2 Reduced To Date Average Pounds CO2 Reduction per Household
Low Carbon  Diet 35 421 353,215 10,092
Ski Town Showdown 149 1,148 936,442 6,285
TOTALS 184 1,569 1,289,657 7,009

Great work, Park City!  Over one million pounds of CO2 reduced thus far.  Let's keep it going...

The Ski Town Showdown was a carbon reduction competition between the municipal employees of Park City, UT and Aspen, CO.  Visit for details!


A class of students at Treasure Mountain Junior High in Park City took on the Low Carbon Diet challenge during spring 2012.  The class used a shortened Reporting Form that included Actions that these students could directly participate in (see full Reporting Form here).  

The students reported existing as well as new carbon-reducing Actions for their household.  In total, these students are reducing over 50,000 pounds CO2 annually - that's like driving 67,000 miles less per year!
Number of Students Reporting Low Carbon Action Items Completed Pounds CO2 Reduced Average Pounds CO2 Reduced per Household
16 130 50,386 3,149

 Newcomers' Club of Greater Park City w/Brian Kahn (Program Coordinator); Jan 11, 2012

Example Reporting Group - Five Park City Households

Here are detailed results from one of the reporting teams.  Through the Low Carbon Diet, this group was able to reduce their collective annual footprint by 55,691 lbs. CO2.  That's like removing five vehicles from the road...and it all started with the initiative of one resident!

Reporting Group #1 completed a variety of Action Items on the reporting form.  Group members also committed to additional items for future completion.  A summary of the group's results is included below:

Park City’s Low Carbon Diet
Reporting Group #1 (Oct 2011)
Five Total Households # of Actions Done During Program Annual Pounds CO2 Reduced # of Actions Planned for Future Annual Pounds CO2 Pledged for Future
Group Totals 67 ***55,691*** 28 21,777
Group Averages (per household) 13.4 11,138 5.6 4,355
Five Total Households Actions Done by Category
Home Energy /
Water Use
Transportation Waste & Recycling Dietary Choices
Group Totals 42 Actions 15 Actions 5 Actions 5 Actions
Group Averages (per household) 8.4 3 1 1
Quote from Reporting Group participant:

I feel good about my changes - I installed super low-flow faucets for my kitchen and bathroom and have seen a decrease in my gas bill (it was $8 last month!).  I've started to purchase offsets for flights (they are less expensive than I thought and make a big difference) and I've started to eat more vegetarian and be aware of where my food comes from.
This group was led by a local resident interested in expanding their positive impact beyond their own home.  YOU can do the same thing by becoming a volunteer Low Carbon Leader - click here for details and next steps!  You can also email to get started on the Low Carbon Leader path today.

Additional quotes from Low Carbon Diet participants in Park City:

When we purchased our house, we knew it wasn't "airtight" and that we were wasting money and resources through inefficiencies.  Once we had our first child, we committed to "tightening" up our house.  We started with a home energy audit from DwellTek and they confirmed that, like most houses in the Park City area, we have a "loose house" with a basketball sized hole letting air in and out.  After the audit and the subsequent work, we have noticed a substantial decrease in drafts and an increase in comfort.  We are looking forward to completing more energy and money saving items in the future!

It's amazing what we've all done over the summer just by thinking about it a bit more.

I had a momentary crisis of faith about how simple steps and simple programs can have big impact, but my worries were unsubstantiated by the data.  Our collective actions have made a difference - thank you!  

Everyone on our team was involved at every meeting and the sharing of information from our real-life experiences was invaluable....Everyone took different actions based on their individual situations...[the] overall feeling was this was beneficial and fun.

We've made some big, long lasting changes & have taken up some new good habits (composting and shorter showers).

We are making our way through the workbook at home and finding some "low hanging fruit"...water use, vampire waste and increasing our heating efficiency among them.

We had a lot of phantom power waste, heat leaks, and were using too much hot water...we reduced our footprint about 7,000 pounds [CO2] and plan to do more in the areas of diet and auto.  Thanks for motivating us. 

Thank you so much for all that you have done with Park City Green.  It changed my household as I am sure that it will change many others.  I was in the winning group of participants for the Treasure Mountain Junior High School contest.  Again, thank you and have a "GREEN" summer.


Low Carbon Diet in the News

  •  Check out this article, "Low Carbon initiative takes off in Park City", which was published by The Park Record on November 15, 2011.


Community Low Carbon Diet Results

You can report your results by clicking here!  We'll report community-wide results later on...

Community Low Carbon Diet Goal

We've set a community goal of 1,000 participating households that each reduce their footprint by 10,000 lbs of CO2 - that's a goal of 10 MILLION lbs of CO2 prevented each year (see graphic below) in the Park City area! Will we get there? That depends on YOU!

No matter what level of "green" your lifestyle is, you can help us meet the 10 million pound goal.  Whether you're reducing your footprint through the program, encouraging others to join, or even facilitating group meetings (e.g., in your neighborhood, at church, at work, etc.) YOU can be part of the solution.  Join the Program Today to enroll and start making a BIG difference!


More Details on the Community Footprint

Check out the 2007 Community Carbon Footprint for background on what activities contribute to the community's carbon emissions.  The Save Our Snow Action Plan is another good source of information and includes community-developed strategies for reducing our.


Photo Credit1: Dan Campbell & Mark Maziarz

1Participants from "Where's the Snow?" may view a selection of the photos at this website.  Photos of "Where's the Snow?" were generously donated by local photographers Mark Maziarz and Dan Campbell.  Use of the photos is limited to non-commercial use and any use must include appropriate credit for the photographer.  Unauthorized commercial use of any "Where's the Snow?" photos will result in a retroactive license fee of $300 minimum per image.  Please contact the photographers directly regarding appropriate image use.  Contact info is included with each individual image on the site.
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