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How do I get started?

There are three options for you to get started on the Low Carbon Diet.  There is never any charge for participating in any of these options!


1)  Participate on Your Own: We can provide a free copy of the Low Carbon Diet workbook to get you started (email for details).  You can also participate through the website - click here for instructions.   

2)  Join an existing Low Carbon Team: Reach out to someone on this list who is already participating in the program – you may be able to join their group and starting shedding CO2 lbs!


3)  Become a Low Carbon Team Leader: Participate in the program while also engaging others and encouraging them to do so.   Becoming a Low Carbon Team Leader is a great way to go beyond "doing my part" and have a broader positive impact on our community.  We have prepared a brief Low Carbon Leader Help Guide to assist with meeting facilitation and other aspects of this role.  Here are a few other tools to help you get started as a Low Carbon Team Leader:

a. Sample email to send to potential participants

b. Presentation Slides for hosting a Low Carbon Diet meeting

c. Sign-up Sheet for Low Carbon Diet books you distribute
         ~ Email completed Sign-up Sheet to

d. Implementation Resources for Action Plan - see Excel Reporting Form


For more information on how to get started with any of the above options, or to learn where you can pick-up a free Low Carbon Diet workbook, email 

We will also be hosting community events to help you get started in the Low Carbon Diet program - more info is available in the Events Calendar.  Also, take advantage of FREE group "Carbon Coaching" from the program's staff and volunteers.  Email us for more details.

What is my current carbon footprint?


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